God Gave Us Goosebumps
by Jason Tomlinson

On mountaintops
in front of oceans
around deep thinkers
before musicians
and hearing truth spoken with conviction
my brain interacts with my spirit and I know my senses were meant to
hear what I heard
see what I saw
and experience what I felt
not only does my mind react
my body does too
involuntarily I might add
it’s just my natural programming
which leads me to think some pretty fantastic things
consider this if you will
suppose you hear the most beautiful magnificent song you can possibly imagine
well among other bio-emotional reactions you’re probably gonna get goosebumps
and I suppose if we had the right magnifying glass we would see some interesting things
some amazing things
you see I’m convinced that we’re wired for praise
and in those moments where words fail I suspect God gave us goosebumps
goosebumps are what we get when something is so awesome that the very suit that contains our soul dances in response
and this is not a pretty dance
oh no
this is a wild-eyed top of your lungs butt naked passionate lover’s holler across the Grand Canyon dance
it’s a get out of the way I just got back and I haven’t seen my wife in 10 months dance
it’s a my team just won the girl said yes my enemy is now family dance
this is what it means when we have goosebumps
the wordless outcry to the movement of the soul