Daniel Joel Eva Jason and Jeremy Tomlinson
The Gospel According to Mom
by Jason Tomlinson

I’m not saying this was the plan I honestly don’t think it was
plans are great don’t get me wrong but I feel this way because
a thoughtful observation into my family’s history helps to clarify
significant trends and important facts – hang on – I’ll tell you why

Mom likes to write a bit but it comes in bits and pieces
if she wrote all the stories she’s actually a part of her writing would be ceaseless
unfortunately she errs on the side of not writing nearly enough
easy for me to say though since I write a ton of stuff
but here recently I’ve been thinking that my criticism is grossly misplaced
she need not write a single thing she’s given the world more than a taste
imitating her Savior Who wrote even less
what she gives the world is much more to bless
her four sons are the books that tell her story
the lives we live testify to the glory
more than an article a book or any dot com
four brothers are the gospel according to Mom
sent our separate ways with audiences unique
four completely different industries still we seek
to spread the influence of the Kingdom through the lives we live
our years are the pages it’s an honor to give
witness to the One Who gave us her
in the years to come who knows what will occur?
unlimited uninhibited with a rock solid foundation
living our lives responding in blessed exclamation
we are her biography that will never spoil nor fade
her letter to the world fearfully and wonderfully made