Gabby Shrum, Jessica Shrum and Jason Tomlinson

Solid Gold (a tribute to Gabby Shrum)
by Jason Tomlinson

One mom
one dad
two babies
three days
and they realized not all was up to speed
their son was doing well but their daughter had an unmet need
so the boy went home but the girl did not
to another hospital to see what was caught
to see what was wrong and what they could do
to put understanding back into view
one week later they were able to realize
and the journey at that time just to stabilize
was two more weeks of working and learning
brand new parents praying and yearning
for this precious baby girl in whom they were delighting
all ready to do it all all ready for the fighting
of the most noble campaign they would ever know
at last the time came for them all to go
home with feeding tubes instructions and care
and a normal life that was neither here nor there
but this was their normal this was their beginning
and refusing self-pity I’d say they were winning
a year later they didn’t take it lying down
they went walking to stand with others in town
seven years later I sit with them impressed
an outsiders look I would never have guessed
what they had been through all these years
overcome challenges overcome misunderstandings overcome fears
such a great example of fighting effort so bold
standing set apart undaunted they are all four solid gold

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