Brothers Right Here
by Jason Tomlinson

I’ve seen the rage and felt the fear of brothers
locked in conflict hating one another
and it’s the scariest stuff I’ve ever seen
to this day I remember what I witnessed as a teen
you all know what it’s like to see two people you love
at each other toe to toe with no gloves
for absorbing the shock you just pray that they miss
we know all that but what do you do with this
what can be done with these brothers right here?
locked in the wonder of how the other appears
affection immeasurable between the two
such love such acceptance in a single view
and this is not staged! this is not a fake
this is not a moment I was able to make
but real harmony real peace sublime
and I just happened to be there at the right time
so what do you do with brothers so devoted you could cry?
anything you want. The limit is the sky.