Jason Tomlinson, Diane and Doug Zimmerman

Honestly Feeling (a tribute to the Zimmermans)
by Jason Tomlinson

The temptation to minimize these mountains is very real
facing them honestly seems like too much to feel
and someone else is always facing more so we justify
we turn away a robust defense and exchange it for a comfortable lie
and I get it – oh I get it so much
I get how attractive numbness is compared to the reality of touch
when what we feel is the last thing we would ever ask for
when what we feel leaves us raw and broken on the floor
but sometimes we felt what we felt and we were rewarded
and the more this was the case the more the truth was reported
we realized that we could be honest and not be so self-shielded
and even in that we discovered blessings that were yielded
cause even though we didn’t need these hard times to love each other well
it was shaped nevertheless and in the end we can tell
that we were surrounded by people on every side
we were never alone so hope never died
and now with a touch more honesty we’re ready for more
more mountains and challenges we’re ready for war
good thing too because we have an army now
no we’re not perfect and we don’t always know how
to do exactly what we’re supposed to do but hey we do well
so glad to know you know our story so glad we can tell

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