photography by Monica Darbyshire
The Ex-Girlfriend Phenomenon
by Jason Tomlinson

In relationship politics there is a phenomenon
a practice girlfriends have once that status is gone
whether they’re dumped or they do the breaking
their response the next day is very similar in making
if you’ve ever broken up you know what I’m talking about
she’s smoking hot the next day and you just want to pout
it’s not fair and you know she went out of her way
just to show you what you’re missing just to ruin your day
I call this the ex-girlfriend phenomenon and it happens everywhere
you break up and the very next day there she is right there
wearing your favorite outfit with her hair perfectly in place
smiling right at you a model of confidence and grace
it’s kinda funny but as a married man this is still in my life
I’ve experienced this phenomenon as it’s been dealt by my wife
now don’t worry we’re not breaking up or anything like that
we’re doing pretty good I’m mostly comfortable where we’re at
but this weekend I’m out of town and I’d like for you all to know
that she has achieved hot mom status rocking without me solo
the pictures she’s been sending me are arrows to my heart
plenty of proof that she is as beautiful as she is smart
my only consolation indeed my only win
is that I’ll be back in just a few days and we’ll be together again