Jason and Leah Tomlinson on our 15th anniversary
More than Proof
by Jason Tomlinson

We got married when Bill Clinton was president
gas was a $1.07
and if you wanted to walk your buddy to his flight gate you were able to
a lot has changed in fifteen years and even more so for me and you
three states three kids and more growing up than I can measure
good times bad times but all of it is a treasure
the pain the trouble the doubt and fear
the struggle the heartache year after year
are reminders right down to the ounce
that what we have is certainly what counts
because you know the price we’ve paid
just to get this far with what has been made
and I’d do it again in a heartbeat with you
I’d stick it out through and through
these fifteen years are more than proof enough
that God has us even when times are tough
He’s the only way we’re still making it
even in those times when we were faking it
He knew better and brought us with His Hand
into abundance His promise His truth His land
so glad it’s you and I standing right here
so ready to rock it with you one more year