Darren and Kim Frank

Casually Intentional (a tribute to Darren and Kim Frank)
by Jason Tomlinson

They were just hanging out it was just conversation
no pressure no plan just old fashioned communication
would yield results neither one could have predicted
but certainly benefitted from the good that went with it
looking back they can see exactly what they were making
a foundation able to withstand the sort of shaking
found in relationships everywhere
their story was better because their care
was casually intentional with good habits every day
and the payoff has been much more than I can say
but I will say I’m inspired observing what I see
the two of them model such humility to me
such grace such patience such attention to relating
to each other not another on each other they’re waiting
to proceed she for him and certainly him for her
going to the next thing together will occur
and it is beautiful such an example
they model it well and their blessing is ample
twenty years! it’s amazing! so happy they’re well!
so thankful they have such a story to tell