Love Trouble
by Jason Tomlinson

I’m not looking for trouble but there’s a few things I’d welcome it for
I’d take trouble for who and what I love for that I’d go to war
and just so we’re clear on the matter allow me to say
that I only love a few things and people and that’s just my way
I don’t love politics entertainment or education
sports of any kind or governmental station
I don’t love planes trains or any kind of cars
I don’t love the sun the moon or even the stars
I love people specifically my family
I’d get into all kinds of trouble for what they mean to me
but more than my parents my kids and my wife
I love my Savior, Jesus Christ – He gave me life
I haven’t gotten into any trouble yet but I assume that will change
Jesus gives life but some think it strange
or unbelievable or implausible or a straight up lie
Jesus loves everyone why else would He die?
why else would He rise again to proclaim His resurrection
why else would He spend every minute daily to get us in the right direction.
I’d gladly get in trouble for Him who I cannot see
I’ll gladly take whatever may come ’cause He took it all for me