Melody and Lee Bowling!
Born in the Spring (for Lee and Melody Bowling)
by Jason Tomlinson

Spring began and everything was new
they noticed each other and love was in view
a trip across state lines marked their start
and they began their journey to oneness of heart
spring moved into summer and they both could tell
that the strength of their love was was doing well
even in the fall when trouble came
their status continued just the same
but winter was unlike before
struggles came on more and more
leaves withered and fell to the ground
but in the end the tree was still found
holding on to life able to survive
winter passed and the tree was alive
the freezing temperatures couldn’t take what they had
spring’s good trumped winter’s bad
warm on the inside only outside shaking
now spring is here again and we witness the making
of husband and wife – what a beautiful beginning
tested and tried yet shining they’re winning
the love that God made is making and will make
the love born in the spring that winter couldn’t take