Jason and Joe Tomlinson
Blood and Spirit
by Jason Tomlinson

Where does he get it? Where does his goodness come from?
what contributors comprise the values that give my dad his great sum?
I know he got a few things from his dad but that’s not all
it was blood and Spirit responding to the call
of raising my father to the man he became
for he himself testifies to each of them by name
he reveres them in memory and honors them in deed
he bears the fruit from their planted seed
and honestly I don’t know all of them
I am hard pressed to give a proper account of those who influenced him
but I know they were there giving him what he needed
and I couldn’t be more thankful for what was so deep seeded
integrity commitment humor and passion
and a sense of adventure topped with compassion
so glad the Spirit moved men to lift
the life spirit of my father who is such a gift