You’re the One
by Jason Tomlinson

It’s You it’s all about You and that is as it should be
I won’t try for a moment to make it about me
Your presence Your glory outshine all others
captivated by its wonder with my sisters and brothers
Your children responding to all that You’ve done
in this world in our lives it is You You’re the One
Who does it all no other compares
to You our Redeemer who takes all our cares
all our burdens all our shortcomings and sins
and turns them around to permanent wins
that’s what You do that’s Who You are
that’s why I wanna be near You never far
that’s why I’m so glad You are right here
and wherever I go I can go without fear
because You’re there You’re worthy You’re holy You’re enough
my safety my rock my shelter my peace when times are tough
our Shepherd our Friend our Provider qualified to take the lead
You are all that matters You are all we need