Goodbye Panama City Beach
Coming Down the Mountain
by Jason Tomlinson

A mountain top meeting – amazing things were going on
Moses Elijah Jesus Peter James and John
I can’t imagine a more stellar cast
but as it goes with all good moments it was not to last
Moses and Elijah disappeared and the rest came down the mountainside
literally and figuratively as the moment quickly died
Peter James and John carried something unique
a blessing in their hearts that none could ever seek
it was a gift given from the One
their friend and master their guide The Son
what a sight what an opportunity what a moment it must’ve been
up there on that mountain for those seven amazing men
and what a letdown what a disappointment what a discouragement it became
coming down the mountain to everyone else who was still the same
who hadn’t seen what they saw nor hear what they heard
no idea what they experienced and not a single word
could possibly give voice to the party they’d just had
despite such a difference in height though it wasn’t all bad
they came to nonsense in the valley but they still knew what to do
yeah they came down the mountain but Jesus came down the mountain too