Michelle and David Nimmo

The Point of No Return (for David and Michelle Nimmo)
by Jason Tomlinson

All couples face the point of no return
the point where destiny is clear and in a moment you learn
that your life is over and your life has begun
she is his he is hers and soon the two shall be one
some couples arrive early while others arrive late
and sometimes this point can be realized as early as the first date
if you believe in coincidence then this story is a buffet
but if you believe in the Will of the Divine then believe me when I say
that no man could have orchestrated the events that lead up to this
it was God alone who can be credited for such romantic bliss
because it was a date that wasn’t a date but really it was
she didn’t intend he didn’t intend they were kayaking just because
they thought it would be a pleasant occasion
but in fact they both fell to a greater persuasion
two hours became a day and a day became much more
the point of no return they were changed at the core
their minds heard their hearts and there would be no denying
that the love between the two of them existed without even trying
that’s what you call effortless such a blessing shared
when his love for her grew so big that it had to be shared
and its return while significant came as no surprise
since it had already bloomed fully in both their eyes
never to fade never to die never to depart
they’d passed the point of no return united in love they share one heart