Use Freedom Well
by Jason Tomlinson

It’s been a tough year like all the rest
you’ve seen fire you’ve been put to the test
I’ve been ashamed of you and I’ve been proud
you’ve done things that I wish were not allowed
but you’ve also done things that are very fine
despite all your inconsistencies I’m proud to call you mine
and that’s a big deal because my loyalty isn’t light
but I believe in your ideals and I even believe your might
used in the right way can be and has been good
others have been blessed by you in the global neighborhood
and it’s not just you – what am I saying? – it’s us
it’s 239 years of fighting failure and fuss
no small amount of quarreling has gone in our relationship
it is our freedom that causes our successes as well as moments to slip
and they are many – far too many to count
but our failures are not our definition as we ascend freedom’s mount
let’s use our freedom well and let this year stand to testify
that Love alone defines us from soil to sky
and let’s give each other more reasons to say
let freedom ring for all in this land – God bless the USA