Fears Celebrations and Emotions
by Jason Tomlinson

My feelings after living the sixth of July
2015 go from low to high
there was anger sadness and pity it’s true
but there was gratitude gladness and celebration too
I know it’s not unique to feel both in one day
but today was different in the way
I felt them both to such degrees
from clapping my hands to hitting my knees
in such close proximity to certain things
and what was dealt and how it brings
so much pain to those on both sides
folks with whom my soul abides
and who are caught in such a raging rain
and I want to be the one to take away their pain
but all I can do is sit watch and feel
and that’s why the whole thing sucks for real
I want to fix it all and save the day
let Jason be the hero I’ll show the way
good grief that sounds dumb I sure have some pride
I’m glad this is the dialogue playing inside
of my head as my thoughts go back and again
what a trip as I reflect on the choices of men
I’d probably do better as I’m sorting what I’m feeling
and let God be the One Who brings all the healing
He knows full stories much more than I
what a Redeemer! so glad I can cry
all my fears celebrations and emotions
to the One who stills storms and lets men walk on oceans