Life is the Worst
by Jason Tomlinson

Life comes at us hard with fast balls curve balls and knuckle balls
bean balls that nail us additionally lousy calls
from umpires on the take owned by the opposition
everything stacked against us might have us wishin’
that we’d never bothered to sign up at all
but it’s actually worse because life ain’t baseball

Life comes at us with crappy teammates poor coaches and fans that don’t care
interceptions incomplete passes and linebackers that won’t dare
protect you from getting sacked by the scariest of foes
life is hard! y’all know this is how it goes
you get tossed all over the field fall after fall
but it’s actually worse than that because life ain’t football

Life is dirty there are no rules
rednecks thugs gangsters and fools
just trying to make it through the night
desperate enough to go ahead and unite
because going solo is certain suicide
foolhardy confidence before a sky scraping tide
will get you nowhere you want to be
there are no heroes take it from me
unite with some dudes that have your back
boots bottles and brass they’ll use to attack
find someone you can trust find a team and you’ll survive
take every measure you can and you just might stay alive
the morning will come when you make it through the night
life is the worst life is a fight