Chuck Swann and Jason Tomlinson

The Heart of Heroism (a tribute to Chuck Swann)
by Jason Tomlinson

The heart of heroism is filled with servanthood
the guy who places others first is the greatest agent for good
that is where his strength is found that is how he moves
his humble posture is recognized every time he proves
how much he loves people by meeting their needs
from the least to the greatest he consistently doles out deeds
that give the world hope in collective realization
that heroes still exist right here in our nation
I don’t know how else I can describe such humility
let us aspire to such levels of honor indeed may we all be
as selfless as him putting others first
doing what is needed in a moment’s burst
whether it’s hand holding while exhaling final breath
or storming the gates courageously rescuing from death
or reminding someone all on our own
that even in desperate shame they are never alone
let us be like that let us be like him
not a phase not a fad nor a passing whim
but a permanent fixture on the landscape of the city
whether times are ugly or whether times are pretty
make us servants bound by He Who is the Light
forsaking ourselves loving others ever endeavoring to do what’s right

Chuck Swann