One of Us
by Jason Tomlinson

Summertime in Tennessee is a lot of wonderful things
especially for us for all the good time it brings
three kids whose parents are both teachers as well
and a whole summer together so I can honestly tell
that as sure as we get sick of each other we love each other too
and while we’re doing all that loving we’ve got plenty to do
like investing time with extended family specifically my niece
all three of our kids love her to pieces so the good times never cease
the daughter of my oldest brother I’m proud to call her family
her cousins feel even more so and they’re always asking me
if she’s gonna be any place we go
and if she’s not then their answer is no
but if she is then regardless of the weather
they’re happy as can be just being together
we sure do love her hanging out is a must
so glad that she is one of us