All the Way Good
by Jason Tomlinson

Moderate morality makes memories minuscule
it’s completely forgettable if it’s neither hot nor cool
neither committing to be the hero nor the villain
content to be a bystander on the sidelines chillin
be good be bad but don’t be in between
be memorable and be willing to make a scene
not for your name nor for your glory
but rather so there’s no doubt who you are in the story
while I’m at it I will strongly suggest you choose to be good
not because it’s fun nor easy nor because I think you should
but because the world needs more heroes – people doing what’s right
people not looking to their own interests but being willing to fight
willing to stand outside the boundaries of moderation
engaging the culture in reality with no hesitation
jumping on opportunities while others stop and stare
inspiring those waiting for examples to do and dare
beware the bad guys because your good will push their bad
their reaction to your righteousness will by no means make them glad
but don’t let it stop you – your stand was bound to cause waves
just keep being all the way good for consistency is what paves
the road to improvement with gains slower than slow
keep putting in work when days are high and low
it’s worth it all though everything may be the cost
when all is given for good nothing that matters is lost