Clark Flatt and Jason Tomlinson

Truth That Saves Lives (a tribute to Clark Flatt and The Jason Foundation)
by Jason Tomlinson

Friends reveal themselves when they push us to do the impossible
when they stretch with us to find logic in the illogical
empowered we then become defenders for the defenseless
and we are able to make sense of what otherwise seems senseless
our eyes are opened to truths once unseen
we see the signs with senses sharp and keen
where once we would have had fear and reasons to doubt it
we now have courage and knowledge in order to do something about it
his friends did this for him now he does it for all
tirelessly working toward the goal following the call
he diversifies his methods to get the message out
many avenues are included for all contain a possible route
from football coaches to legislators
and country artists to educators
so many are interested in helping him succeed
because it is not just him but everyone indeed
who benefits from the truth he is constantly speaking
the truth that the needy need us all to be seeking
the truth! oh how I pray that it always survives
this truth in our minds is truth that saves lives