Receive Work Suffer
by Jason Tomlinson

If you receive it that’s a pretty good deal
it is a gift and the favor that you feel
is satisfying worthwhile and true
someone likes and appreciates you
the memory though will eventually fade
even if the impression that was made
was significant you can still bet
that if it was given you may well forget

If you work for it that’s a better deal
your wages were earned so now you can feel
justified compensated paid and true
no one else did it – it was just you
the memory though may eventually fade
even if what you earned was made
by really hard work you can still bet
that if you worked for it you may forget

If you suffer for it that’s the best deal
the pain the heartache and everything that you feel
puts a mark on your soul that is tried and true
and what you have cannot be taken from you
the fastened memories will never fade
the sorrow borne will surely be made
into a foundation beyond any bet
you suffered for it – you won’t forget