Dear Lois
by Jason Tomlinson

Dear Lois,
I can only imagine what it’s like every time he leaves
every time he flies away for a world that still believes
that they need him but so do you
and so many hours pass while he is not in view
the life that those who love heroes live is every bit just as brave
the sacrifices you make while the one you love goes to save
is just as super if not even more so
silently in the background you remain while he is on the go
and every time he’s out doing good you have no guarantee
that he will be back alive and well and feel pleasantly
another hero would rise should he fall from the sky
but are there any equal to him for you? who on earth could try?
he is honored on a regular basis for his strength and integrity true
I’m writing at this moment in order to honor you
your support and your sacrifice are as legendary as his might
the world is only as safe as it is because you support his fight
so I thank you for being part of the plan
thank you, Lois, for loving Superman