Little Girl’s Birthday
by Jason Tomlinson

When a little girl has a birthday it’s an all day thing
from sun up to sun down her whole world unites to sing
the biggest round of Happy Birthday that has ever been
every corner she inhabits all the women and all the men
rise to wish her the the most glorious year
and how glad they are how proud they are that God saw fit to put her here
in this world at this time with this family in this place
and there is no small amount of satisfaction as we see the response on her face
to celebrate a little girl on her birthday – oh my word what an occasion!
even the lowliest pessimistic individuals are raised by the potent optimistic persuasion
so that everyone around this precious little girl
rejoices that such a soul walks among us in the world
and everything’s gonna be alright everything’s gonna be okay
all because this precious little girl just went and had herself another birthday