Love Truth Cookies & Wings
by Jason Tomlinson

Since nothing gold can stay what are we waiting for?
if all the best is on the way out and we’re not getting any more
then let’s soak it up as much as we can
I’d say hugs and kisses are a pretty good plan
for friends and family sure and since this is all about to end
why not take the time and turn an enemy into a friend?
human beings are all made in the Image Divine
it’s not like there’s just yours and mine
we are all His from the greatest to the least
thinking in those terms will open doors for peace
and love and truth and cookies and wings
if we knew how beautiful we are we could share all sorts of things
we were made for fellowship and harmony
not dissension not division you’re my brother not my enemy
let’s lay down our essays of fear and pick up our Father’s gracious song
and let’s get out and do it now because we honestly don’t have long