Teaching on the Mic
by Jason Tomlinson

Once upon a time our building got too small
every classroom was filled with kids wall to wall
until I even got the boot from my room too
there simply wasn’t enough room for everyone to do
what they needed to do so they sent me to a place
called the auxiliary classroom where I’d have sufficient space
that’s the stage and it’s an interesting place to be
because our stage is in the gym where every day they have P.E.
now the challenge I have with the girls and boys
is trying to teach dealing with so much noise
and I’m proud to say that even though I’m alone
things just better ’cause I teach on a microphone
now everything is better as I follow my lesson plan
everyone can hear me with a mic in my hand
the basketballs are bouncing but I don’t care
because this mic makes my voice fill the air
I don’t yell I don’t holler I can make the better choice
I let the mic do all work I let the tech raise my voice
I never knew how much I’d like
the hilarious blessing of teaching on the mic