Fear and Comfort
by Jason Tomlinson

Sometimes I think of good things to do that I haven’t done yet
things within expected boundaries but also things that could get
me in to trouble with the powers that be
who may or may not see things as I see
but regardless of whether or not men think it’s okay
there are two villains in fact who tend to keep my good ideas at bay
it is fear and comfort – it is everything they’re about
these two frequently keep me from stepping out
fear convinces me the risk is too great
that I’d be better off if I would just wait
the task is too big someone else should get it done
best to stay down I’m not the one
comfort is just as sinister wanting me to stay
in chaos disorder brokenness and disarray
remaining in what I have no reason for remaining
explaining what I have no business explaining
these two are unacceptable and they need to be gone
they construct structures of death and I need to move on