Daniel and Jason Tomlinson
Reaching for the Pen (for Daniel Tomlinson)
by Jason Tomlinson

I’ve been reaching for the pen for more than twenty years
expressing hopes disappointments victories and fears
and every time I meet someone else who shares my art
it is a remarkable blessing to my soul mind and heart
there is only one thing better than someone who does the same
and that is the connection to a writer when that writer shares my name
I come from writers the full cycle of literacy demonstrated by my father and mother
and I can’t say enough about the connection I enjoy with my oldest brother
we are some writing fools sometimes paper sometimes screen
we find great satisfaction through expression of abstract thoughts becoming seen
we’re fans of each other we follow comment like and share
no shyness in our mutual love we’re more than proud to declare
I’m more than proud to call this man my bro
and today I find even more reasons than how we flow
today we celebrate the day he was born
and my great satisfaction is publicly worn
I want the world to know what this man means to me
because not only do we reach for the pen there is something else that has come to be
we reach for each other we have each other’s backs
he’s seen some dark days for me and he didn’t relax
he held me up so today I do the same
here’s to my big brother Daniel so proud we share one name