They Stay
by Jason Tomlinson

I’m so thankful for friends and family that hold my feet to the fire
tell me what I never want to hear and never ever retire
when I get stupid and completely self centered
walking down paths that should never be entered
they don’t leave me even though I deserve it
they don’t make fun of me even though they could serve it
up on a regular basis it’s true
it’s safe to say they’ve tasted grace and they’ve got eternity in view
it’s safe to say they’re the safest folks I have ever met
God sent for sure these people are my safety net
and God knows my history reveals a tendency to fall off the line
but these people these beautiful people are there to catch me every time
which brings me to a place of gratitude thanksgiving and appreciation
the plants that yield the fruits of healing and reset my life’s animation
toward the One who brought us together in the first place
the One Who never leaves the One Who shows grace