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Pro-Choice Pro-Life
by Jason Tomlinson

Two kinds of good guys locked in each others’ crosshairs
both right in their own minds consumed by exclusive cares
to the degree that the only sound they hear is their own voice
far from the ideals they preach are those who are pro-life and pro-choice
a political distinction lacking relevance as much as merit
significantly self-righteous and I will no longer bear it
because neither one is worthy of the labels they rally behind
they suppose their morality is vindicated by their correct political mind
but what is right can only be understood by what we do
and we cannot claim pro choice or pro life if these are not the things we pursue
we can call ourselves pro choice when
we acknowledge the rights of unborn women and men
when we publicize choices to the desperate in our nation
that do not cause a life’s termination
when we abandon the facade that spoils and blights
the lie dressed up as women’s rights
when we stop caring in theory and practice it instead
only then will we be pro-choice in truth and not just in our head
and the right wingers for sure are just as bad
we have failed the unborn and it is sadder than sad
where’s the rage? where’s the anger? where’s the righteous indignation
if we are pro-life for the unborn in our nation?
we will be pro-life when we divorce the shame
from pregnancy to how the conception came
when we blur the lines between the races and the classes
and look at all men through God tinted glasses
when we take our fight from debating the facts
to loving those on the other side of the tracks
when we stop conditioning our sons and daughters to be terrified of getting caught
that the only thing they can think of doing is resorting to a murder bought

Our hypocrisy is evident God have mercy please
may we lay down our empty ideals to love the least of these