Won and Winning
by Jason Tomlinson

Traditionally many of us consider it a beginning
but the truth of it is that on the day we are actually a long time winning
because it is our point in time intersecting with infinity
a mysterious inheritance marked by one third of The Trinity
there is no way to classify something that affects the future present and past
I’m talking about the choice that was made that secured a destiny fast
a decision to yield an entire reality an entire frame of perception
to the Master the Author the Maker the Deliverer of the second conception
the beauty of the moment isn’t confined to one day
the blood that flows knows no limits it is not restricted to just one way
but in around over and through it covers fills and erases
the Son of God is He Who saves with Mercy and infinite Graces
a victory won a life begun and wonderful tale in the spinning
death to life risen forever overwhelmed among the ageless perpetually winning