Sensuality and Sensitivity
by Jason Tomlinson

Sensuality is attractive to all
the satisfaction of the senses is a universal call
but the cost of it is as high as a cost comes
sensuality doesn’t fill instead it only numbs
and the sights sounds smells tastes and touches that were once anticipated
fall to the ground unfulfilling grossly dissipated
when the senses consume to appease attraction
the end is rarely if ever any sort of satisfaction
sensuality makes promises but it’s all a lie
it pretends to know how to live but pursuing it is how to die

Sensitivity is the cure prescribed for you and I
the purpose of skin the mouth the ear and the eye
is not to be filled but instead to be aware
to be apathetic to our fellow man and then in turn to care
for his suffering alienation persecution and dismay
her exclusion misunderstanding and then to rise and say
what it is that needs to be said whatever it may be
the abandonment of sensuality for sensitivity will only yield life for you and me
and even so satisfaction will still be out of reach
the seizure of victory for all who beseech
on behalf of those who are broken and downcast
the difference is that victory will be won at last

Senses for self or senses for others every day we make our choice
only one yields a positive return only one has a resounding voice