I See Him
by Jason Tomlinson

I see Him in the beginning in the beginning was the Word
void became matter and Life was heard
at the command of the Artist speaking all into view
pure wonder pure beauty but chaos would ensue
a walk would reveal a deep seeded need
a transgression that would reroute all time indeed
a collision that would envelope the Word into flesh
the incarnation of perfection right into our mess
I see Him in the manger what a moment! what bliss!
I see shepherds kneeling sure not to miss
the only Glory of the One who came to draw them near
in the fullness of time the fullness of Presence He was here
I see Him appearing when the time was right
water to wine to the party’s delight
anger to the tune of righteous indignation
a resetting of values a Holy restoration
a midnight meeting for life done again
rebirth and mystery for the teacher of men
I see Him with her sitting by the well
with an offer for quenching and good news to tell
Spirit and Truth I am He
“come meet the One who knows everything about me”
a walking paralytic and a blind man that sees
demons cast out and cures for disease
I see Him defending her writing on the ground
dismissing her accusers there were none to be found
settled dust from dropped rocks hitting the floor
He simply told her “Go and sin no more”
I see Him standing up to every bully He met
He made some enemies He refused to let
the corrupt leadership have their own way
ever the Defender none could challenge what He would say
oh they would try to catch Him but they never got by
so instead they relied on deception a lie
in place of the truth they wouldn’t believe
betrayal and abandonment were His receive
I see torches and a mob to carry Him off
to a place of torment abuse and scoff
I want to see someone rise up
someone who He helped to help the others wise up
I want to see the young couple who’d received His wine
to let the establishment know they’d crossed the line
I want the teacher He met with at midnight
to stand up and acknowledge what they’re doing wasn’t right
or the woman at the well He revealed Himself to
the man born blind the woman caught in adultery any one of them would certainly do
I want to see just one of them rise up and defend
in one courageous act put it all to an end
but I know that was not the way it was to be
I know that He was there to die for me
the hero doesn’t conquer the good guy doesn’t win
Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay for all my sin
what can I even say but hang my head in humility
the One who could’ve won chose not to because of me
I see Him crucified He didn’t choose to fight
no resistance whatsoever just surrendering His might
I see Him commit His Spirit into His Father’s hands
He breathed His last giving up His plans
I see the Earth revolt to to the death of its Creator
with an eclipse and an earthquake for He who was greater
than all others before and all others since
all worth all glory belonged to Him hence
it was the greatest tragedy this planet had known
little did we know that victory had just been sown
because everybody that was there thought that it was the end
I see them crying for the loss of their leader and friend
I see them going back to old habits and routines
old coping mechanisms old haunts and scenes
but while they were going back to life Life found them instead
they didn’t even recognize Him but they held on to every word He said
I see Him reveal Himself showing grace upon grace
breakfast on the beach with the fellas who would accept the race
and run it the same way giving up everything
surrendering everything knowing that it would bring
pain scorn abuse and rejection
estrangement torture and a definite direction
that would ultimately claim their final breath
but He taught them the truth demonstrating courage in the face of death
realizing that death is a means never ever the end
giving it all to gain it all I see them follow their Friend