Love Saves
by Jason Tomlinson

There is room for hate in love
there is room for anger
There is room for sadness in love
there is room for hurt
there is room for disappointment in love
there is room for struggle
and there is room for grief in love
but there is no room for fear

There’s nothing bigger than love it is as deep as it is wide
its fierce presence is overwhelming it fills and consumes with an infinite tide
it is bigger than any of us give it credit for
as it spans the breadth of peace to war
it measures the length of mystery to simplicity
it calms my nerves and brutally terrifies me
it leads me to higher highs and lower lows year to year
but wherever it leads me it never leads me to fear
there is no room for fear in love in this I have no doubt
in a word I can testify that perfect love casts fear out
fear is powerful but it crumbles under the mighty weight
of the power of love I’ll keep saying I cannot possibly overstate
the magnanimous reality of what it does how it moves and behaves
fear is a villain that takes and maligns but love is a hero love saves