Sit Pray Walk
by Jason Tomlinson

May I sit with you a while?
I can’t pretend to know
what it’s like to walk in your shoes or go where you will go
my desire to occupy a bit of shared space
isn’t a given but a request for grace
only extended from me to get through
an earnest plea for fellowship – may I sit with you?

May I pray with you a while?
it is not a right I assume
but a yearning for common intercession an invitation for His presence to consume
the atmosphere which otherwise looms so heavy and charged
let it fade away completely as His acknowledged presence is enlarged
a spiritual alliance so His presence can get through
a common cry to our common Father – may I pray with you?

May I walk with you a while?
no we don’t come from the same place
but we have a shared destiny hand in hand face by face
a future redeemed by moving forward together
will be an intentional step to slowly making things better
a stride that we can take so we can get through
a chance for upward mobility – may I walk with you?