The Hinge of Everything
by Jason Tomlinson

Everything hinges on the resurrection and I mean everything
if Jesus didn’t come back from the grave then He really isn’t King
and if He isn’t King then He is a deceiver
and if the whole thing is a trick then I wouldn’t be a believer
but it’s not like I matter all that much
I’m a quick vapor just a momentary touch
on the fabric of time and space
soon to be forgotten just another face
but take for example this apostle named Paul
who is pretty important in terms of his call
seeing as how he wrote 13 books possibly more
of the Bible that so many of us adore
but without the resurrection of Christ there’d be none
of these amazing books there would not be one
because the resurrected Jesus suddenly appeared
to Paul on the road and his direction was steered
180 degrees the other way
the risen Savior turned his night to day
so that in time he would write “Love never fails”
and offer up songs of praise while sitting in jail
he instructed us to let our gentleness be evident to all
and the Spirit intercedes on our behalf when we can’t make the call
we are God’s workmanship created in Christ for good
and life being Christ and death being gain this he understood
without the resurrection Paul is just a rabbi a teacher
but with it or because of it he is a new creature
more than a conqueror someone for whom Christ died
a believer willing to risk and give all God’s will satisfied
imagine what immeasurable yields are bound up in the resurrection
imagine what infinite treasures await its death defying direction