The Boy Who Lived
by Jason Tomlinson

A triple homicide attempt by one enveloped in fear
mom and dad were no more but The Boy Who Lived was still here
growing up unwanted out of place in an average class
it was clear that he wouldn’t be average as seen in The Vanishing Glass
and The Letters from No One his surroundings grew more hostile every day
it all came to a head while on vacation and he happily stepped away
with The Keeper of the Keys who brought him his first ever birthday cake
bidding farewell to dysfunction and rejection he would happily make
his way down to Diagon Alley to ready himself for year one
every single store brought forth such wonder never had he imagined such fun
making The Journey from Platform Nine and Three-quarters he wasn’t trying to be funny
taking the lot on the trolley he finally had spending money!
and in the fullness of time he arrived at his destined place
The Sorting Hat would honor his choice while great joy welled up on his face
at many turns he would find friendship and strong good will
until he met The Potions Master who seemed to have nothing but ill
spite and contempt and unfortunately he was not alone
The Midnight Duel would give evidence that great enmity had been sown
Halloween would prove indeed to be a scary ordeal
life at boarding school could be unpredictable good grief this stuff is real!
a chance occurrence would then lead to a particularly lucky turn
his first exposure to Quidditch would see that he was quick to learn
but other lessons came slower as his heart overwhelmed his head
many hours were lost before The Mirror of Erised
his most faithful friends were his saving grace as he could quickly tell
conversations suspicions and hours of research lead to books on Nicolas Flamel
and startling realizations about what might be going on there
but for Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback they couldn’t possibly prepare
and trouble begat trouble with consequences swift and severe
what they saw in The Forbidden Forest overwhelmed their hearts with fear
until they passed Through the Trapdoor to behold what laid beyond
a path of riddles and traps should one attempt to abscond
with the treasure that was found at the end of the hall
and The Man with Two Faces fell before the boy who saved them all