Remember these Signs
by Jason Tomlinson
dedicated to Andrea Baker

He speaks she moves yielding to His every word
every word defines every movement every single action stirred
it is breathtaking to witness such agreement such union of thought
still listening to Him I watch her convey and in the moment I am caught
caught up in the idea that that is just how I want to be
listening to Him so that it is He who moves me
not my thoughts or ideas but His speech
demonstrated to others I become His reach
to love console build up and inspire
encourage embolden to draw water and light fire
for any who cannot yet hear His Voice
for any who have not yet made that choice
to choose Him above all with immeasurable worth
Author of Strength Architect of Earth
from the least to the greatest He draws all near
if you are willing He is loving you here
He is speaking she is moving let this agreement communicate
love acceptance and more love and more acceptance spilling off the plate
I can’t even begin to express the radical degree how much
He loves you He loves you He loves you and He is not without touch
the world is cold I get that but we who are listening are an ember
warm up to Him return to this moment use these signs to always remember