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Casey and April
by Jason Tomlinson

My first favorite was Raphael
the short tempered sai wielder
fighting so well
and Michaelangelo
has always made me smile
Chucking away with hilarious style
Donatello gets all kinds of attention
Rocking the bo staff and crazy inventions
Leonardo the solid knight
completely unafraid
The master ninja
leading with katana blade

These four brothers –
there are none better
Defending New York against the shredder
And every other villain
on multiple occasions
Killer robots and alien invasions
I don’t want to imagine
my childhood without them
Even when they vanished
I could never doubt them
All that being said about these brothers
There is actually still one other
And he’s Actually the one I’d like to be
The one that has the most appeal to me
You see the turtles are great
At saving the world
But when it’s all over
only Casey gets the girl
So this week lets let’s give it a go
I won’t be like Michaelangelo
Let’s you and I fantasize for real
I’ll be your Casey Jones
you be my April O’Neil