Processed with Moldiv
by Jason Tomlinson

We fell in love this time of year as so many couples do
failed attempts with others brought us both back in view
it’s so fantastic when I recall the steps that brought us home
home to each other just us alone
it was this time of year that our romance was made
it is remarkable and even more so that we’ve stayed
falling in love is easy but with so many distractions callin’
I thank God that He has given us the gift of staying fallen
we’ve thought about getting up in some ways we’ve even tried
we’ve fought we’ve cursed we’ve deceived we’ve lied
by all accounts we’ve overdrawn
our love banks we’ve been way past gone
but He Who introduced us He who started our story
has kept us together so our fall is His glory
His mercy overcomes His will is true
so thankful to have fallen so deep in love with you