photo by Kara Capps

The Sun’s Beauty
by Jason Tomlinson

The past can be explosive – a terrifying fright
the stuff from last month last week and and especially last night
distance is required for a proper perception
the farther your position the truer your conception
it takes a long time for the scary stuff to be understood
and a longer time still for it to be recognized as good
it’s kinda like the sun you see every day
it’s beauty is unmistakable as you go about your way
but if you were to see it up close that’d be really bad
it wouldn’t help at all and you wouldn’t be very glad
but as it is the sun’s beauty is understood because of its location
93 million miles away at the center of our station
we cannot view it as it is but only as it was
the same is true for pain and the reason is because
the moment offers only so much grace
but a big step back puts it all in place