Jason Tomlinson and Courtney Nichols

Tremendous Blessing (a tribute to Courtney Nichols)
by Jason Tomlinson

A thread of kindness consistently runs through
the length of her story for all to view
beginning with a teacher who provided every day
care and the wisdom to recognize a different way
so that pain could be recognized as just that – pain
and steps could be taken and doctors could explain
what in the world was going on
a condition a disease that would never be gone
such a diagnosis for one so young
a hindrance to confidence with expectations stung
time went on and year after year
it always seemed like a cure was so near
but her experience would consistently teach
that such a cure would remain out of reach
but there was one man who appeared on her screen
that was unlike any she’d ever met or seen
who demonstrated sensitivity wisdom and great resolve
with a mind to address and a will to solve
the unfortunate complexities that others couldn’t understand
so she became his wife and he became her man
what a companion to have for the next major turn
in the next moment she would learn
that her disease had taken a major toll
and a transplant would be necessary to make the goal
of staying alive to fight on longer
and managing variables in order to stay stronger
so the steps were taken in all necessary ways
and provision happened in eleven days
the timing couldn’t have been more on point
when it is God’s will you can bet He will anoint
the situation as challenge with His blessing
He sees He knows there’s no point in stressing
over what He did and still does control
such reminders build up the richness of my soul
with a new lease on life there was something else too
another idea had come into view
which included the two becoming three
and let me tell you God knew already how that was gonna be
He provided in a way only He could
which demonstrated His authority and never ending good
and like the transplant there was ever so much more
blessing upon upon blessing from His infinite store
so that best case scenarios seem like disappointments
next to the provision of His holy appointments
the pain misunderstood misdiagnosed and understandably stressing
has been an avenue of tremendous blessing
from start to finish this has been the case
life brought pain but God brought grace

Rai’s Ray of Hope