Raichon Morand and Jason Tomlinson

Redefine the Measure (in tribute to Raichon Morand)
by Jason Tomlinson

Stop me
I dare you
I’d like to see you try
tell me I can’t and I will look you square in the eye
and tell you that can’t don’t live here it’s just that simple
my optimism won’t let can’t enter this temple
yes – my body is broken – so what?
pity will not govern my response puny thinking didn’t make the cut
woe is me is not of this team
give up and give in have been ripped at the seam
by a will set on total victory
complete for us and certain for me
to the point where it’s everywhere I go
I was supposed to wallow around and say no
but I say heck yeah to all of it cause life is a treasure
and because I say yes I redefine the measure
the measure had limits and it wasn’t for me
but my existence moves them onward – just as I’m sure they should be
I’m happy to move them onward they don’t need to stay
but with improving and evolving we’ll see the better way

Here is Raichon’s Great Strides team site.