hanging with some of the fellas in my small group

Revolting Youth
by Jason Tomlinson

Once upon a time almost twenty years ago
Five Iron Frenzy recorded a live show
and in 1999 they released the live recording
and the name of the album was perfectly according
Proof That the Youth are Revolting – the perfect title
any visit to a stage for their rock recital
was proof enough for such a description
and soon 1000s caught the subscription
of thinking doing and saying different
captured and promoted everywhere they went
I too saw their show and indeed must say
that its memory is with me to this day
unfortunately the band isn’t really around
but their philosophy gained much ground
for the youth of today still maintain
that posture that we adults cannot explain
and may not even like but one thing is true
the youth are revolting if only a few
there is still a remnant seeking the good of others
a revolution for my young sisters and brothers
they haven’t given up they’re not bolting
they serve as proof that the youth are revolting