For My Son
by Jason Tomlinson

I walked him on his first day today I walked him on his last
six years of elementary school – of course it went way too fast
the clichés and stereotypes get it absolutely right
don’t blink because these little ones will soon be out of sight
it still hasn’t hit me to be honest – no tears upon my face
the full reality hasn’t sunk in that he’ll never go back to that place
I feel blessed more than anything to witness his story unfolding
to see his earliest steps made and know those holding
him accountable to the work at hand
that met him as a boy and and stayed with him as a young man
that’s where we are now – it’s crazy but true
he’s done it he’s doing it can’t wait to see what he’ll do
blessed to be a blessing – a bunch times a ton
so glad so humbled so thankful for my son