Kurt, Jeanine, Eva and Dane McBee

A Strong Blessing (a tribute to Dane McBee and his family)
by Jason Tomlinson

At the beginning the cloud may seem never declining
a massive source for storms with no silver lining
can it be good? can the night roll into the day?
are there blessings yet to be recognized? are we gonna be okay?
I can’t say from experience but I can repeat what I’ve heard
I know a few things and I’ve got a good word
there’s this one story about burdening weight
disadvantages served on one family’s plate
it was them it was then but it’s different now
their example warrants emulating and how
their solutions flooded their problem’s limits
their challenge ultimately failed to prohibit
their success and renewed perception
defense turned offense with jaw dropping interception
running 100 yards straight to the end zone
dancing in victory to reap what was sown
not a one time deal but a cycle repeating
witnessing hope and strength while weakness leaves retreating
now they’re far from done and their vision may lose its sight
they may stumble a bit lost in the darkness of night
but mostly their days will see great reductions in stressing
for they have found their strength to turn weakness into blessing