Excellent Excellence (a tribute to Darrell and Kendra Lassiter)
by Jason Tomlinson

The very excellence he was practicing was the excellence she was looking for
and even when he showed up with it she still demanded more
because she was worth it and so was he
excellence demands excellence and that’s what they both would see
an idea was born and it really could not have been better
and in the fullness of time they became more excellent together
so they started this excellent journey sharing one name
and time bore witness to that excellence staying the same
in fact the excellence couldn’t be contained just between the two
two daughters two sons that excellence grew and grew
and even then with children of their own
they just couldn’t keep the excellence for them alone
it began to flood out into the streets and into other towns
their excellence went viral and knew nor respected no bounds
romantically domestically and vocationally too
their excellence couldn’t just pick one place to blossom into view
thirty four years of it and hundreds have been blessed
hundreds stand in awe and respect to honor the very best
unassuming understanding undeniably understood
to be pillars of virtue full of Grace known all over overflowing with good
let it be written and so let it be said
Holy Father let such excellence in Your world be spread
thank You for such examples of just how good it can be
their excellence is Yours evidence for all to see