The Most Important Person
by Jason Tomlinson

You are the most important person – perhaps you needed to hear that today
maybe you’re misled by what others may say
or maybe your perception in the mirror is a bit skewed
maybe it’s difficult to keep a healthy attitude
about who you see looking back
overly critical about what you lack
here’s the thing though this is not flattery
don’t mistake humility for personal battery
you are the most important person – that’s how you were made
and any attempts to discount or degrade
your permanent status before your Maker
is just a subplot from the Liar and the Faker
it’s not true so don’t believe it
there’s better news if you’ll receive it
you’re an Image bearer a child of the King
wonderfully made and everything
that doesn’t affirm this truth can just disappear
chalk it up to lies and propaganda based on fear
you are the most important person – let all doubt be gone
and when you do do me favor won’t you? pass it on