thanks to Kara Capps for the great pic!
Know Strength
by Jason Tomlinson

Every white knuckled moment stands to testify
that my strength only serves as an avenue to die
whether it’s sooner or whether it’s later
temptation’s gravity is always greater
when I try to rock it solo and not include my team
the end result is pain and failure no matter what it may seem
in the beginning at the start of a matter
self-reliant confidence will cause my soul to shatter
in a million pieces scattered to the night
with no hope no return no happy ending in sight
does all this make sense? am I being clear?
do you understand how doomed I am when I’m the only one here?
as it stands I thank God I’m not
my team serves its purpose well and I am not caught
none of us are – we look after one another
side by side sister to sister brother to brother
it’s a beautiful thing it’s life it’s true
it’s the will to risk to love to do
more than we could ever do alone
it’s the community of intimacy – of knowing and being known
the best team I can imagine fit for every task
established by my Father for better I cannot ask