Enemy Definition
by Jason Tomlinson

They’re not the enemy – whoever they are
no matter how sharply you disagree no matter how far
your conclusions are from one another may be
no human can ever be your enemy
but you do have an enemy oh yes you do
and he has nothing but hatred and contempt for you
his will for you is despair and isolation
discouragement and ultimately elimination
physical for sure but spiritual as well
his goal is to drag you straight to hell
and if you suppose that any man is your enemy
then he has you exactly where he wants you to be
but if you accept that our struggle is not against man
then count yourself in opposition to the devil’s plan
and furthermore if you wanna be a hit
then get down on your knees before God and submit
to His rule His plan His Kingdom His reign
and even when others call you insane
be confident because they’re not the enemy anyway
pray for them though and be steadfast in what you say
and how you act and in what you do
let Love be the definition for everything about you
Love is the truth Love is what’s real
Love is the maker of the only deal
that will get you through all of this
so please listen closely please don’t miss
the Hand that is always reaching out
in the tension between your faith and your doubt
in the whelming flood that monopolizes
so much of our time as it criticizes
both sides but hold on hold on don’t fuss
there’s no such thing as sides there’s only us
Love one another that’s what He said from the beginning
do this and even losing we’ll be winning
do this and our enemy will be forced to flee
do this and watch them be transformed to we